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Got Goji?


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My Story: Kevin Hoggan

I'm writing this page to tell everyone a little bit about myself & of a product that has changed my life.

I’ve always been an optimist, looking at things in a positive light. I believe things happen to us for our growth & development. Needless to say, I like most people have days where I have to force myself to be positive. I turned 50 this year and like many of my friends, we're now having minor health challenges, some of which have been most trying.

I had back surgery when I was 18 from a weight lifting accident & I haven't slept well since then, because I can't get comfortable. And it takes me an hour or more to fall asleep every night because my mind starts racing; thinking about work, kids, church responsibilities, etc. To top it off, 4 years ago I would wake up in the middle of the night & have to go to the bathroom. It would then take me another hour to get back to sleep because my mind would start racing again. Since adulthood I get the low sugar shakes if I don't eat about every 4 hours. I also suffer from mild acid reflux, especially if I'm under stress, which is 2 & 3 days a week & would have to take antacids for relief. I also have developed mild arthritis in my hands from all the cutting I do, I would have to wear those elastic wrist supports, & would take medicine for the pain. It got so bad that I couldn't grip for a couples days afterwards without severe pain! That was until I heard about Goji .

A very good friend in whom I trust encouraged me to try Goji juice for 90 days. I was very skeptical & didn't believe Goji  could help me because I've tried other "juices" before, which were bitter to the taste & resulted in little or no improvement. He told me that the company had a 90 day open bottle money back guarantee. I decided to take him up on his 90 day challenge to prove him wrong. And I figured my health was worth 90 days!

To my surprise, it is delicious to the taste (a friend of mine says it tastes like raspberry juice). I've had a sweet tooth as long as I can remember & it's easy for me to devour 3 brownies or 6 cookies at a time. Or at Christmas could gobble up all the goodies in my stocking. Yes, I was a fan of the sweets and this was great

For the first 2 months I had seen only minor changes. But on the 8th week, all of my conditions improved. I fall asleep in 15 minutes & when I turn to get comfortable, I fall asleep right away. No more going to the bathroom in the middle of the night! No more acid reflux, no more antacids! No more arthritis, no more wrist supports & pain pills! I have more sustained energy, I can handle stress better, and I’m even more cheerful! No more low sugar shakes & my appetite has leveled off. I still like sweets, but one brownie or cookie is enough!

I was so impressed with my family's response with Goji , that I now tell everyone about Goji . People whom I've shared Goji  with are now calling me back & telling me they too are being blessed from Goji ! This truly is a miracle for my family! Goji has changed our lives forever! It's been a blessing to us & I want to invite you try it Goji  for 90 days for your health.

My family's experience with Goji is so good, that when I heard they came out with a healthy weight loss drink called TaiSlim, I decided to give it a try. I'm not as active as I should be & I like all the " wrong foods". Needless to say, I was 45 lbs over weight. The good news is after drinking TaiSlim for the past 3 months, I've lost 35 lbs. & 1 pant size!

Please check these websites out!

Read others Health Stories testimonials.

What is Goji?
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Goji T Shirts    $ 12.00      large    100 % cotton

Goji Banner 2 ft. x 3 ft. White  $50.00

Goji Banner 2 ft. x 3 ft. Black   $50.00

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